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Experience His Life, Teaching, and Miracles with Your Kids

“I was surprised how much I learned and even rediscovered parts of Jesus’ life and miracles and parables I had missed by not taking the time -Jen S.

“Great Choice for Moms Groups!” -Jen G, Amazon review

“Easy-to-use format that adapts to many age levels, -Annie H., Amazon Review

Raise Them in the Word

The Simple Way to Build a Foundation of Faith in Your Kids

“It has really ignited a passion for learning about God!” -Mel W., children ages 5, 9, and 11

“Simple but rich.” -Linda Yeager, WTGN Christian radio

“The most powerful way for moms to disciple their kids.” -S. Spielbauer, Family Ministry Director

About the author

Shawna Goldstein has studied and taught the Bible in volunteer and staff roles in various churches, camps, and schools, working with women, children, and couples for over two decades. She is a Bible teaching wife, mom, author, speaker, and women’s ministry leader.

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“Shawna has a passion to lead others to the truth of God’s Word. She is an engaging ministry leader, author, and speaker. She has the ability to communicate with an audience in a way that is warm and authentic. Shawna draws you into her message and leaves you feeling like a close friend… You will be blessed by her wisdom, knowledge of the Word, and her ability to connect with others.”       -Rachel H.

Build a foundation of faith in your kids so you and they can walk in the confidence of God’s Word in 12 simple, interactive weeks!

About the book…

As a mom, you’re constantly teaching your children, but what if you could learn and grow alongside them? This study will equip you to teach and train your kids in the knowledge of Scripture like never before. Written by a mom who has taught the Bible to children of all ages in schools, camps, church, and at home, and who has led successful moms’ groups in multiple states, this study is the perfect balance of growth for you and your kids!

Raise Them in the Word is a unique study experience for moms which includes:

  • Weekly small group discussion for moms
  • Personal study time for Mom
  • Weekly memory verses
  • Kids’ lessons with hand motions

This is a must-have for any mom who wants to teach her kids the Bible but at times feels at a loss as to how to do so. Do this study alone, with a few friends, or with your whole moms’ group. You’ll be amazed at how easily it fits into life’s busy schedule and how simple it becomes to teach your kids topics of prayer, the Holy Spirit, God’s trustworthiness, sin, forgiveness, and salvation. You and your kids will walk away knowing a timeline with motions of 30 of the key people and events of the Bible in order. You’ll grasp the overall picture of the Bible and God’s continuous plan throughout. The short lessons will point children of all ages toward Jesus and give practical ways they (and you) can live out faith in Christ.

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Raise Them in the Word Memory Verses

  • Print verse cards, preferable on card stock.
  • Cut out, leaving the largest margin along the left-hand side of each card.
  • Hole punch the upper left-hand corner of each card. Attach with a one-inch binder ring.

What moms are saying:

“I have always struggled to know HOW to teach my kids about the Bible at home while I’m still trying to understand it myself. We used this study as our dinner conversation for twelve weeks and my boys were able to memorize each of the hand motions. It’s incredible! They retained much more than I ever expected them to, and I learned along with them. It has really ignited a passion for learning about God and we have continued using dinner as a devotional time for the family. Thank you, Shawna, for this incredible tool!” -Katie D., children ages 3 and 5

“This is a great tool for every member of the family, no matter the age!” -Lisa H., child age 2

“You know it’s a great study when your kids remind you it’s time to do another lesson!” -Mel W., children ages 5, 9, and 11

“As a facilitator for my church’s Moms’ Group, I found Raise Them in the Word an amazing tool for both our moms and kiddos! The material was so versatile for ALL the moms in our group- from those seasoned in their faith to those just exploring the Bible and Christianity for the first time. As a mom of a child with special needs AND A neuro-typical child, it can be hard for me to find a study that is engaging for both of them. The mix of short stories and hand motions put into a consistent format were just what was needed to keep both of their attention, and I was amazed and how they retained it all!” -Jenni G., children ages 9 and 11

What Christian leaders are saying:

“Shawna walks readers into the text [of the Bible] and lets it drive the conversation.” -Dr. David Smith, Associate Professor of New Testament and Biblical Languages (Ph.D. Durham University)

“Simple but rich.” -Linda Yeager, WTGN Christian radio

“Each lesson is rooted in Scripture and provides thoughtful questions to consider.” Jake S., Teaching Pastor

“The most powerful way for moms to disciple their kids is to invite them along as they grow in the faith as well, and Goldstein has provided a phenomenal resource for moms to do just that.” -S. Spielbauer, Family Ministry Director

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